The Urgent Case of Hannibal Gaddafi

Alexandra Valiente
Viva Libya!

According to the Lebanese Ministry of Information, Hannibal Gaddafi appeared before Lebanon’s Court of Appeals Tuesday, where he faced new charges related to the mysterious 1978 disappearance of Musa Sadr.

Two weeks ago he was officially exonerated of any involvement in the crime and was scheduled to be released from detention.  This new development defies all reason and can only be explained as the misguided actions of vengeful, ruthless fanatics.

Why has Lebanon chosen to violate all international laws and norms in Hannibal’s case? Why has Lebanon ignored repeated efforts of the Syrian government to have their citizen returned to Damascus? Why did Lebanon agree to hand Hannibal over to Al Qaeda in Tripoli for $200, 000, 000.00 in blood money? How did Lebanese authorities come to be allies of terrorists in Libya and what brought about their fall? What treachery was so urgent that Lebanon was willing to commit political suicide, to sacrifice its international reputation and cause allies of Hezbollah to withdraw support?

Hannibal was violently abducted from his home in Damascus on December 11, 2015, by members of Hezbollah and the Amal Movement, while under the protection of the Syrian government. He was taken to Lebanon and subjected to extreme torture with the aim of extracting a false confession for a crime he could not possibly have had knowledge of, since it occurred when he was two years of age.

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As I stated on December 11th,

The Lebanese government have neither provided a legitimate explanation for his continued imprisonment, nor apologized for the gross violations of Hannibal’s basic human rights.

Human rights organizations must demand his immediate release and act swiftly to prevent his illegal extradition to Libya.

This is still accurate and maximum pressure must be placed on Lebanese authorities to terminate these disgraceful, unlawful proceedings and return Hannibal Gaddafi safely to Syrian authorities.

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