NCRHL Condemns Deadly Terrorist Attack on Refugee Camp in Tripoli

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Children of the Libyan Conflict on International Day for the Rights of the Child

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Report on the Human Rights Situation in Libya, 16 November 2015

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Safia Farkash Condemns Media Distortions about her Family and Current Crimes Being Committed Against Libya

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محكمة الجنايات الدولية تطالب بتسيلم سيف الإسلام القذافي لمحاكمته دولياً

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Saadi Gaddafi’s Trial Postponed Until December 6

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Saadi Gaddafi Speaks to HRW from al-Hadba Prison

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NCHRL : Urgent Appeal on Behalf of the Suffering Civilians of Sirte

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Protests in Libya & International Condemnation of Al Qaeda Sentencing of Jamahiriya Officials

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NCHRL Statement : Accelerating the Implementation of the Amnesty Law

Over 2000 Prisoners Illegally Detained in Misrata

Civilians Lives at Risk in Tripoli : Urgent Appeal to the International Community

NCHRL Calls for and End to Enforced Disappearance as an Instrument of War

النازحون في ليبيا : معاناة إنسانية تتواصل

Anniversary of the Gharghour Massacre

NCHRL Condemns Abduction of Another Journalist in Tripoli

NCHRL Statement on Continuing Forced Displacement of Civilians by Zintan Military Council

Sirte : Refugees Flee Da’esh Reign of Terror

NCHRL Statement on the Release of Journalist Abducted in Tripoli

Statement to the United Nations Security Council on the Situation in Libya [UNSCR 1970]

NCHR Statement on Indiscriminate Bombing of Civilian Areas West of Tripoli

NCHRL Condemns Abduction of Journalist in Tripoli, Attempted Assassination of Journalist in Sabha

اليوم العالمي لإنهاء الإفلات من العقاب: متى تصل العدالة إلى الليبيين؟

NCHRL : End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists

لجنة حقوقية ليبية تثمن جهود التهدئة بين مدينتي الزاوية وورشفانة

NCHRL : Urgent Action Needed to Stop Grave and Persistent Human Rights Violations in Libya

NCHRL Condemns Government Exploitation of Helicopter Crash and Incitement Against Civilians of Rishvana

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