Hannibal Al Gaddafi Detained and Tortured in Lebanon

Alexandra Valiente
Viva Libya!

Hannibal Gaddafi was abducted in Damascus earlier today by members of the Amal Movement.

In contravention to international law, he was detained without charges, tortured, interrogated, then transferred to Beirut where he was delivered to Lebanese authorities.

هنيبعل نجل القذافي في اول تسجيل بعد اختطافه في لبنان

The Lebanese government have neither provided a legitimate explanation for his continued imprisonment, nor apologized for the gross violations of Hannibal’s basic human rights.

Human rights organizations must demand his immediate release and act swiftly to prevent his illegal extradition to Libya.

Letter to Leadership of Hezbollah and Lebanese Parliament Regarding Hannibal Gaddafi
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القضاء اللبناني يصدر مذكرة توقيف بحق هانيبال القذافي
هذا ما جرى مع هنبيعل القذافي من سوريا الى لبنان
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