Women’s Rights

The measure of a nation’s development is the political maturity of its women.

الوطنيّة لحقوق الإنسان تدين جريمة اغتيال انتصار الحصائري
“Da’esh” Issues Warning to Women in Sorman Libya
In the entire Arab world, Muammar Gaddafi was the only leader to acknowledge women’s rights.
The Law is Failing the Women of Libya
Female Pupils in Sirte to wear the hijab under Awqaf ruling

Lawyer Who Supported the Rights of Women in Libya, Found Dead

العثور على جثّة المحامية حميدة الأصفر
اختطاف المحامية حميدة الهادى الأصفر فى مدينة جنزور يوم الخميس 15-08-2013
Libya’s “Grand Mufti” Issues Fatwa Against UN Women’s Rights Report on Violence Against Women and Girls
Islamists Deepen Agenda Violating Rights of Women and Girls, Extending Political Isolation Law
Grand Mufti Issues Fatwa Banning Libyan Women from Marrying Foreigners
Libyan Women Are In A State Of Denial Regarding Women’s Rights In Libya
Women Face Islamist Rise and Dramatic Decline in Status Under New Regime
A Bitter Harvest For Women Traitors To The Al Fateh Revolution
Dr Fatima Hamroush Fears For Her Safety Under Libya’s Violent Dictatorship
Dramatic Decline In Women’s Rights Prompt UN To Grant Libya Assistance To End Violence Against Women
Women Lose Right to Oppose Husbands Taking a Second Wife, Gender Discrimination Forces Culture Minister to Resign
Islamist Blames GNC Failures on Lack of Segregation
Grand Mufti calls for end to mixed-gender education and employment
Revolutionary Sister, Zohra Al-Buaishi, Assassinated in Cairo
Captured “Rebel” Admits That Women And Girls Were Brutally Raped And Mutilated
17 Year Old Woman Shot Dead For Refusing To Remove Her Clothes