Revolutionary Sister, Zohra Al-Buaishi, Assassinated in Cairo

Nadhiri Toure
Libyan Revolutionary Committees Movement

Zohra Al-Buaishi (left), one of Muammar Qadhafi’s personal bodyguards and member of the  Revolutionary Guard, was found stabbed to death in her Cairo apartment on November 9th.

Although Egyptian authorities refuse to publicly address the motive behind her murder it is widely believed to be the beginning of an assassination campaign targeting Libyans loyal to the former government who are currently living in exile in Egypt.

Zohra Al-Bouaishi had been participating in demonstrations against the Libyan authorities, denouncing gross human rights violations being committed against over 10,000 innocent political prisoners and the ethnic cleansing of Libyans with black skin.

Her murder occurred shortly after her involvement in an October 10th protest against the Libyan regime’s assault on Bani Walid that was held in front of the United Nations building in Cairo.