Female Pupils in Sirte to wear the hijab under Awqaf ruling

Editorial Comment:

Review this UN report on the quality of life and human rights in the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and these reports from the UNHRC and CEDAW. All three highlight how women’s rights were respected and demonstrate that Libya far exceeded Western nations where women’s rights were concerned.

Also See: Women’s Rights & The Great Green Charter Of Human Rights Of The Jamahiriyan Era


Tripoli, 3 March 2014

Female pupils in Sirte are to wear mandatory hijabs under an order issued by the town’s Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs office.

Primary and secondary school students are obliged, under the new ruling, to wear the Islamic jalabia and a scarf covering their hair. News agency Al-Wasat reported that the decision was made under pressure from Ansar Al-Sharia which, it claimed, had influence within Sirte’s education authority.

The ruling has provoked mixed reactions on social media networks with some welcoming the move and others claiming it is the first step in turning Libya into a more Islamic state. Some criticised the move as restricting women’s freedom, pointing out that such freedom was one of the principal goals of the 17 February Revolution.

The measure of a nation’s development is the political maturity of its women.

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