Women Lose Right to Oppose Husbands Taking a Second Wife, Gender Discrimination Forces Culture Minister to Resign

Wives can no longer stop husbands taking second bride

A husband may now marry second wife, without the permission of his first, following a ruling by the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court.

The judgement, which overturns part of the Marriage Act (Law 10) of the former government, was made on the grounds that the previous legislation was contrary to Sharia law, which does not require a husband to obtain the consent of any current wife, before taking a new bride. Under the former legislation, if a wife refused to allow another marriage, the husband would have to seek the permission of a court.

In October last year, the head of the National Transitional Council, Mustafa Abdul Jalil announced that all Qaddafi laws which contravened the Sharia, would be struck down. However the current change to Law 10 does not include the restoration of Sharia divorce. A court judgement remains necessary. The court practice has been to ask the husband and wife to reconsider demands for a divorce. This has meant a minimum of one year and up to two and a half years before divorces have gone through.


Deputy Culture Minister forced to resign

Deputy Culture Minister Awatef Tashani has resigned over what she claims are financial corruption and maladministration within her ministry and the failure of the authorities to take any action.

In her letter of resignation to Prime Minister Ali Zeidan, a copy of which she posted on Facebook, Tashani said that she had pointed out the short-comings in her ministry to the Prime Minister, but nothing had happened, despite his promise to investigate. Instead her own powers within the ministry had been suspended and that she had been forced to resign.


Source: Libya Report: February 4th – 11th, 2013

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