Urgent ! Mock Trials Have Begun In Misrata For Sheik Khalid Tantoush, Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim, General Mansour Dowe

Update: Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim Confined in an Animal Pen

My contact has informed me that,

“Two days ago the bogus trials of political philosopher Dr Ahmed Ibrahim, General Mansour Dowe and Islamic scholar Sheik Khalid Tantoush began in Misrata. We need your help please. It is hard to know what we can do in a world where as Malcolm X said ‘the guilty are made innocent and the innocent made guilty’ but we have to try everything we can despite the lawlessness we are faced with.

While the corporate media lies about ‘Libya’s first free elections’  the truth is that the ethnic and ideological cleansing continues unabated inside Libya  – please get the word out any way you can. Thousands of Qaddafi loyalists, Black Libyans and Africans from other parts of the continent are imprisoned and are being tortured and killed.

Attached is a document listing the names of over 1000 Libyan’s rounded up and imprisoned for being Black.”

The Names Of Over 1000 Political Prisoners In Libya Detained Because They Are Black

These trials are neither lawful nor fair by any standard.  None of the prisoners have legal counsel.   All of them have been subjected to torture throughout their many months of detention.  These trials will only lead to the execution of innocent men.

I encourage activists to protest by blitzing targets with appeals and protesting outside Libyan embassies world wide.

Active Appeals And Urgent Action

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Alexandra Valiente
Viva Libya !

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