Urgent Appeal For The Life Of Dr. Abuzaid Dorda

UPDATE: Urgent Action: Demand The Immediate Release Of Dr. Abuzaid Dorda

Alexandra Valiente
Viva Libya!

Editor’s Note:
This appeal was written at the request of Dr. Dorda’s immediate family. All statements were approved by the family during our interview, prior to publication. – A.V.

Dr. Abuzaid Omar Dorda  is to be taken to court on Tuesday, June 5th, 2012.

The NTC have stated there would be a live broadcast of the proceedings.

His family were not directly informed of this new turn of events and to date, Dr. Dorda has been denied access to legal counsel.

He has not been charged with any crime.

How can the NTC legally justify his long imprisonment, torture and denial of legal counsel?

They cannot.

How can the international community regard this trial as “fair”?

It is not.

On behalf of Dr. Dorda’s family, I appeal to the people of Libya, the international community and human rights organizations to intervene and see that this violation of due process and the rule of law does not take place.

We demand that Dr. Dorda be permitted immediate access to legal counsel of his choice and that if there must be a trial, it be fair and the proceedings transparent.

Throughout his detention, Dr. Dorda has been subjected to torture and inhumane treatment. He was hospitalized with life-threatening injuries after being thrown from a second story window.

(Please refer to my original Urgent Appeal For The Life Of Dr. Abuzaid Dorda .)

There is no security in Libya, which begs the question, why have the trial now?

Dr. Dorda is highly respected by all Libyans and by the leaders of every tribe.

He has always been a man renowned for his integrity, who valiantly advocated for the weak and helpless and assisted many from every corner of the nation during his years of service to the people of Libya.

There is no doubt that subjecting Dr. Dorda to an unfair trial will lead to protests throughout the country that will include people from all sides of the present conflict.

The Libyan people will hold the NTC and human rights organizations responsible should any harm come to Dr. Dorda.

I implore readers to appeal to the targets listed in my first appeal.

Request that Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch be present to observe and monitor trial proceedings.

Please include this latest update on Dr. Dorda’s situation in your letters of appeal.

I also encourage people to rally outside Libyan embassies throughout the world and demand an end to not only Dr. Dorda’s planned mock trial, but an end to all imprisonment, torture, unfair trials and executions of Libya’s political prisoners that are motivated purely by fear and the need for political revenge.

Not one prisoner of over 7, 000 currently detained has been charged with a crime or been permitted legal counsel.

Each prisoner has been subjected to inhumane conditions (more than 100 prisoners to a cell), torture (many were tortured to death), and summary executions.

The current regime has violated every law and norm with regards to the proper treatment of political prisoners and every human right as outlined in:


Please do not remain silent while this atrocity continues. Do not allow the NTC and NATO to continue murdering innocent Libyans.

This appeal campaign is © Copyright 2012 by Libya 360° and Viva Libya!

Republication is strictly forbidden. You are permitted, encouraged and welcome to post the link to the original letter of appeal and petition. On behalf of Libya’s political prisoners, we thank you for your support.

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