Highcrimes.org NATO War Crimes Prosecution Update

Legal Template For Filing War Crimes Charges Against Nations And Officials Involved In The War Against Libya

My friend sent me this message today, which I am happy to repost. Please read the letter and update carefully. The Swedish government has its back against a wall and there is no escape. The fact that whichever way this latest escalation goes, there is about to be a revelation regarding the actual relationship between Swedish citizens and the State, is critical.

Please use the form on his website to file war crimes reports against government representatives in your nation that supported NATO’s criminal war on Libya. The Swedish process is not surprising, but what is important is this is moving forward and with more media exposure, could lead to a public awakening that would demand full criminal accountability.


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“Today we made an appeal which will either change the position of the prosecution, and make it launch the war crimes investigation we call for – or the matter should automatically escalate to the desk of Sweden’s Prosecutor-General.

Evidenced by the appeal is that the issue has expanded from a question of the illegality of a particular war, to the relationship between citizens and the state in Sweden.”

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