Baghdadi Al Mahmoudi’s Lawyer Demands His Immediate Release

Wiem Melki
Tunisia Live

The trial for Libya’s former prime minister, Baghdadi Mahmoudi, was delayed to February 14th, 2012.

The trial will take place in a court in Tozeur, a town in southern Tunisia.

The trial was initially planned to take place today, January 10th, but Mahmoudi’s lawyers called for a delay – and their proposal was accepted by the judge.

Mabrouk Khorchid, one of Mahmoudi’s lawyers, asserted that some details regarding the former prime minister’s case needed more thorough investigation. However, he firmly called for the immediate release of his client, since there is no legally authorized arrest warrant issued against him. Khorchid affirmed that until the upcoming trial, Mahmoudi should, even if temporarily, be set free.

“We are asking the Tunisian government and the minister of justice and human rights to stop this flagrant human rights violation. The Tunisian authorities simply have no right to detain Baghdadi Mahmoudi.”

Baghdadi Mahmoudi’s case has already stirred up controversy with Tunisian and international human rights associations who oppose his extradition back to Tripoli, Libya. The groups call for the guarantee of fair conditions during his trial. The Tunisian government’s decision has not been clarified and Mahmoudi’s lawyers assert that he has the right to remain in Tunisia as an ‘asylum seeker.’

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