The NTC Are Moving Ahead With Plans To Have Saif’s Trial In Tripoli

Posted by Almárëa    on January  7

Saif’s trial will be held in Tripoli.

As yet he has no legal counsel and we are concerned he will either be denied the right to choose or be given a lawyer at the last minute with no time to prepare an adequate defense.

This should not be happening. Saif is innocent.

Please increase your efforts to get the appeals to the targets.

We have no proof of life. We fear this is why they refuse Saif a lawyer.

Unless we step up actions we will certainly lose Saif.

Even if you have sent these appeals in once please do so again and ask your friends and family to join the campaign.

Please repost this notice to all your facebook friends.

Please Join Our Cause Page For Saif Al Islam Gaddafi. Make Your Support Visible To The World!

Thank you from The Official Saif Al Islam Gaddafi Advocacy Team.

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