GNC Deny Reports that Dr. Al Mahmoudi is in Critical Condition After Being Tortured

NTC rebel operatives holding former Libyan Prime Minister Baghdadi al-Mahmudi have been accused of beating and torturing him. There is an international appeal to bring about his release. by Pan-African News Wire File Photos

According to a recent report that quotes Tunisian lawyer, Mabrouk Kourchid, “Al Mahmoudi is in critical condition as a result of the torture he has suffered…he could die.”

The report goes on to say that Kourchid “gave no further details nor did he reveal his sources for fear they could suffer reprisals.”

Allegedly, the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) visited Dr. Al Mahmoudi immediately following Mabrouk Kourchid’s public statement. Their report is posted below.

In early January,  Justice Minister Salah Maraghni stated, “Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, former Prime Minister Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi and Abdullah al-Senussi will be put on trial as soon as questioning is completed within the next month.”

(See: Unverified Reports Saif Gaddafi’s Trial Will Be Held in Libya in February)

Prisoners are being interrogated without legal counsel present.

(See: Saif Has Been Repeatedly Interrogated Without Counsel )

Dr. Dorda was thrown from a second story window when he could not be broken under torture.

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Doctors Without Borders stated they were tending to prisoner’s injuries only to have them return to the torture chamber.  They were merely keeping them alive so interrogations could continue.

(See: Torture Of Libya’s Political Prisoners: Statement From Doctors Without Borders )

With these facts in mind, I am not inclined to dismiss Mabrouk Kourchid’s announcement.

Unless Dr. Al Mahmoudi is granted the opportunity to make a live media appearance where he can answer questions about his health and treatment, we have no evidence he is not in critical condition.

On its own, UNSMIL’s official statement is as worthless as any issued from the current Libyan dictatorship.

Alexandra Valiente
Editor of Viva Libya!

United Nations Visits Al-Baghdadi Al-Mahmoudi in Prison

Tripoli, 28 February 2013- UNSMIL representatives visited Al-Baghdadi Al-Mahmoudi, former Prime Minister under the Qadhafi regime, at his place of detention, the Correction and Rehabilitation center at al-Hadba in Tripoli today. The visit was in response to allegations attributed to a Tunisian lawyer in media reports yesterday that Al-Baghdadi Al-Mahmoudi had been tortured and was in “critical condition.”

UNSMIL’s visit was facilitated by the Minister of Justice personally as a matter of high priority. While most of the visit took place in the presence of the prison director, UNSMIL had the opportunity to talk to him privately for some time and asked whether he was mistreated. He unequivocally said he was not.

Al- Baghdadi Al-Mahmoudi appeared in decent physical and psychological condition and his general demeanor was relaxed. He stated that he is being treated well, and although he suffers from various medical conditions, he has adequate access to medical care.

He said he is being represented by a team consisting fully of Libyan lawyers and denied having any non-Libyan lawyers on his legal team. He expressed his wish to have more access to his lawyers and that they should be granted more access to the prosecution file against him. He said he has received some family visits, but not by his wife and children who are outside the country.

UNSMIL continues to monitor the conditions of detentions in Libya, in accordance with its mandate, to raise any allegations of torture or mistreatment with the Libyan authorities, and to provide advice and guidance on addressing these issues.

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