Urgent : October 8th & 9th Final Decision Regarding Saif Gaddafi’s Fate

The ICC have issued an order to convene on October 8th and 9th to hear the arguments of Saif Gaddafi’s defense and that of the Libyan authorities regarding where Saif’s trial will take place.

ICC: Order Convening A Hearing On Libya’s Challenge To The Admissibility Of The Case Against Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi

This will mark the end of Viva Libya and the Libyan Revolutionary Committees appeal campaign for Saif. Once this decision is made there is nothing further we can do. Saif’s fate will be sealed.

Please help us ensure he is not tried and sentenced to death in Libya.

Visit the appeal link below and share this urgent news with your contacts, urging them to sign the petition and send in the appeal, which is available in pdf document format for easy mailing.

There is a clear and concise introduction, case background, appeal with the pdf, petition link and a complete list of targets.

There are so few signatures and a very poor response from the general public. Whatever your political biases may be, a human life is a human life. Please support Saif and all of the political prisoners in Libya.

Some signatures on the petition have been lost due to a technical fault on the Care2 site so we are asking activists to sign the petition AND send in the appeal.

Saif Al Islam Qadhafi Petition And Appeal Campaign
Libyan Revolutionary Committees Link:
Saif Al Islam Qadhafi Petition And Appeal Campaign

~Elsa Lovendahl

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