Torture And Abuse In Lawless Libya

Heavily armed rebels still control much of the country, with towns in ruins, infrastructure destroyed and a justice system struggling to get back on track.

Yaara Bou Melhem gets rare access to the prisons where thousands of people, perceived to have sided with the former regime, are being held indefinitely without charge.

She also visits the country’s sprawling refugee camps to document stories of torture and abuse.

Elections take place in June, amid new tension over a split between the country’s east and west, so what does the future hold for Libya?

NTC Violations of Human Rights
Misrata Council Reject Reports Of Torture And Abuse Of Political Prisoners
Journalists Detained In Libya Were Reporting On Atrocities Committed Against Black Libyans
Militia Should Transfer Journalists To State. Thousands In Unlawful Custody Should Be Handed Over
Black People In Post-Gaddafi Libya Caged By NATO’s “Revolutionaries”
NATO Has Turned Libya Into A Concentration Camp
Gays Have No Rights In The “New Libya”
Tragic Massacre Of Tawerghan Refugees In The Janzour Refugee Camp Today.
Take Action!
Refugee Camp Massacre: Libyan Militia Launch Racist Raid
Killing Zone: Torture, Terror And Genocide In The New Libya
‘Rebels’ Engage In Widespread Abuse Of Prisoners
Torture Of Libya’s Political Prisoners: Statement From Doctors Without Borders
Amnesty International Report On The New Libya: Widespread Detainee Deaths And Torture
Torture And Murder Of Black Libyans Continues In NTC Prisons
17 Year Old Woman Shot Dead For Refusing To Remove Her Clothes
Amnesty International Says Libya Will Not Hold Fair Trials For 10,000 Political Prisoners
NATO-NTC Mercenaries Admit Saif Will Not Receive A Fair Trial!
New Libya Trials Begin As Innocent Tribesmen Are Sentenced To Death!
Will The U.N. Insist On Fair Trials In Libya?
Prisoners Who Refuse To Accept NATO’s Imposed Regime Are ‘Beaten With Chains’
Benghazi, Al-Jalaa Hospital Lynching Of A Black Man
Brutal Torture And Murder Of A Black Libyan By NATO Mercenaries

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