Unprecedented Judicial Incident: Libyan And Morrocan National Lift Diplomatic Immunity From NATO


The Belgian court authorities have on the 25th of this month ruled on the expedited case of the Libian national Khaled Al Khweldi Al Hamedi and the Morrocan national Abdullatif Alshleeh against the NATO alliance , demanding expediting of court decision of original case presented to judge of 11 circle of Belgian court against NATO Alliance , court case, where the judge has accepted and agreed to investigate on the 17th of September 2011 . The case relates in content to all civilian victims who died due the air attack of NATO forces on civilian neighborhoods in Libya.

At the opening of the court session , it was established that the residing judge made clear his expertise . Before looking into the case at hand, the court refused the first request submitted which called for quick ruling on the original case submitted against NATO alliance and expediting the date of court decision, however the court accepted and agreed to the second request and announced its ruling of withdrawing diplomatic immunity from NATO alliance at their legal domain of the Belgian capital Brussels.

The presiding judge refused all excuses that the Belgian state submitted for voluntary intervention to avoid subjecting NATO to court order , this refusal did not only undermine the Belgian authorities defense strategy on behalf of NATO , it completely shattered them.

Worth mentioning here is the fact that representatives of NATO alliance were absent from all court sessions, quoting the residing Judge on this; ” all defense presented from the Belgian authorities interference in this case should be neglected. “Thus becoming an unprecedented case where NATO is under legal and moral investigation never witnessed on an international level before.

Khweldi has accused NATO of killing his pregnant wife and his two children Khaleda and Khweldi, his neice Salam Mohamad Nouri, his aunt and a number of his relatives and neighbors, as for the Morrocan Al-Shleeh, his accusation includes intentional manslaughter in case of his daughter , which is in direct violation of The Security Council Decision number 1973 that calls for protection of civilians not killing them.

We were informed that Khweldi is in the process of establishing an International association for NATO victims and specially libyan victims of NATO military mistakes. The membership of this association will be open to any citizens of all countries that have suffered these atrocities or are still suffering the effects of these violations such as Pakistan, former Yugoslavia and Iraq.

It came to our knowledge that Khweldi is being subjected to great pressure for his position against NATO and insistence on going to court with his case , Khweldi insists on his objective of pursuing NATO legally for all the murders and military mistakes towards innocent civilians they have committed and trying to escape taking responsibility for, due to the diplomatic immunity shield they were protected by.

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