The ICC, the African Court, and Libya: The Case of Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi

The following presentation was conducted without the participation of Saif Qaddafi’s current defense team.

Absolutely no mention is made of the significant gains made by Melinda Taylor, the late John Jones, Q.C. (who had direct contact with Saif’s family),  or the unrelenting efforts of the Qaddafi family and the Libyan Tribes.

At no time during Saif’s detention was Sir Geoffrey Nice QC assigned by the Qaddafi family to represent Saif Qaddafi.

This spectacle of self-promotion comes at the expense of the greater truth and serves empire’s interests more than actually helping Libya’s political prisoners.

The Tripoli government was not recognized as legitimate during the time period referred to. Only the elected House of Representatives was internationally recognized and no communications were directed at this body.

Since the UN-US installment of the government of accord in Tripoli this past March, the House of Representatives has not acknowledged it as legitimate, and without that the GNC will never be legitimized.

Viva Libya Saif Al Islam Gaddafi File And Appeal

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Aidan Ellis, Haydee Dijkstal, Dr Mishana Hosseinioun and Sir Geoffrey Nice QC, give a talk for the OTJR seminar series on 9th November 2016.

Sir Geoffrey Nice QC, Barrister and former Prosecutor at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), Dr. Mishana Hosseinioun, Justice Advocate and International Relations Scholar at St. Antony’s College, University of Oxford, Aidan Ellis, Temple Garden Chambers and Haydee Dijkstal.

Viva Libya Saif Al Islam Gaddafi File And Appeal