Press Conference on Alruyemi Prison Massacre to be Held in Tunis June 18th

The Mohammed Brahman Centre for Peace and Solidarity in partnership with the World Rally for a United Libya will hold a press conference on Saturday, June 18, 2016 in Tunis to address the assassination of 12 political prisoners following their judicial acquittal and release, to provide media with details of the crime and challenge the international silence surrounding the massacre.

Earlier this week the following statement was released:

Human rights lawyer, Fatma Abu Fire, said that since Sadiq Al-Ghariani issued the fatwa calling for the killings, the fate of thousands of detainees in custody and in prisons, secret and public, including children, women and men, is unknown.

Fatima Abu Fire has called on human rights organizations for international intervention to investigate the slaughter.

Libyan activist Khaled Ghwell stressed that the liquidation of prisoners after their release is a heinous crime against humanity. He will raise an official lawsuit with the ICC to hold those responsible for the murder and burning of the prisoners accountable for crimes against Libya and its people. He added that the liquidation of the prisoners and other crimes against the Libyan people during the recent years are war crimes and that all those involved will be brought to justice.

Fatima Abu Fire and Khaled Ghwell call on regional and international human rights organizations to support full investigations and prosecutions.

Alruyemi Prison Massacre: Case Will be Presented to the ICC

Fatima Abu Fire was a featured guest on Radio Sputnik on June 16th where she discussed the Alruyemi prison massacre.

Alexandra Valiente
Viva Libya!