Libyan National Assembly Obtains Humanitarian Aid from the UNSMIL for Libyan Families in Need

Viva Libya!
Libyan National Assembly

The Libyan National Assembly Human Rights Commission Coordinator, Mr. Marzouk Fakhiri, has intensified efforts to encourage the UNSMIL to provide humanitarian aid to ease suffering of the poor and displaced.

During recent meetings with the UNSMIL’s Haq Amiri, member of the Department of Humanitarian Aid Mission and UN High Commissioner for displaced persons, Marzouk Fakhiri addressed the urgent humanitarian crisis and devastating physical conditions Libyan families are living in.

Medicine and food have been distributed to displaced families in several areas of the country, including Bani Walid, Misrata and Benghazi. The provisions include at least 80 thousand meals a day, along with food baskets distributed to families in need throughout the eastern region from the beginning of the month of Ramadan.

Fakhiri will continue to work closely with the UNSMIL to ensure their continued assistance in providing for the urgent needs of people in affected areas.