Tripoli Court of Appeals Postpones Saadi Gaddafi’s Hearing to May 25

Alexandra Valiente
Viva Libya!

The Tripoli Court of Appeals postponed Saadi Gaddafi’s hearing to May 25.

As I stated on April 12,

The Al Hadba prison and Court are in the midst of a transfer of power from the militias that support the deposed GNC to the new, yet illegitimate “government of accord”.  It is legally impossible for any trials to proceed. Add to this the fact that the GNC (and the Tripoli Judiciary) were never acknowledged as legitimate either within Libya or within the international milieu.

Given that the prisoners held at Al Hadba have been tortured, subjected to inhumane treatment, denied choice of legal counsel, denied private consultations with their defense team, their legal counsel unable to obtain vital documents or attend most sessions due to ongoing fighting in Tripoli, and that many of the prisoners were extradited for bribe money, these mock tribunals must cease and all prisoners be released. Without exception, the trials are about exacting political revenge, not about justice.


If for the sake of peace, militias who have committed egregious war crimes and crimes against humanity, participated in human trafficking and other serious offenses, are to be granted immunity, then innocent men and women must be granted full amnesty.