Statement from the Libyan Community in Malta Concerning Mock Trials

Statement of the Libyan Community in the Republic of Malta Concerning the Mock Trial in Tripoli, Libya

We, the Libyans residing in the Republic of Malta who are demonstrating before the Maltese House of Representatives in the capital Valletta on this day the third of August 2015 in a peaceful protest against, and rejection of, the actions of “the dawn of Libya” militias that forced the judges of the mock Court of Tripoli to issue oppressive sentences against a number of those who fell in their hands among the Libyan national leaders who had faced the February Plot backed by the ruthless Alliance against the Libyan peaceful people and its national leaders.

As we protest here we want to assure the whole world that the actions of the February gang leading to harnessing the Libyan judiciary to issue unfair sentences that mount to the death penalty and life imprisonment such as the ones issued on the 28th of last month come as part of a series of physical liquidation operations of the political, military and security leaders who had been arrested after the fall of the legitimate national regime and were subsequently liquidated in secret and public prisons in some of the Libyan cities that were seized by the armed criminal gangs.

We are certain that the issuance of these sentences is but a terrorist operation that is meant to deceive the Libyan people in the name of law through the installation of a mock court to implicate a number of judges and prosecutors through financial temptation, intimidation or motivation to join the February gang, which principally does not believe neither in the law nor in human freedom and the right of the accused to a fair and impartial trial as is stipulated in international covenants and conventions.

Thus, as we stand here in this demonstration opposite the edifice of the Maltese House of Representatives we would like to emphasize the following:

1. That this trial is a political one and has nothing to do with the domain of law and justice and has been founded on political grounds for the purpose of revenge and retaliation from the leaders of Al-Fateh of September Revolution.

2. We consider this trial and its earlier proceedings, which lack litigation criteria, null and void because the procedures of arrest, interrogation, investigation and imprisonment were carried out by incompetent criminal gangs and not by the authority of the judiciary and prosecution. Who carried out the operations of arbitrary arrest, investigation and incarceration is the “Libyan fighting group”, the armed wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist group as considered by the legitimate parliament.

3. The Court itself is originally not legitimate since it is located in the hijacked city of Tripoli, which is under the command of a power-usurping-government that is not recognized by the world. Hence, all its actions and institutions including the Court itself should be dealt with in the framework of illegitimacy.


We, the protestors come forward to the honorable members of the Maltese Parliament in general, and those representing our friends the Maltese people in the European Parliament in particular, to solicit their immediate intervention to stand up against these unfair sentences issued by an authority that lacks international recognition and is rejected by our people, which offer victims of its people daily for the sake of freedom in order to expel these armed militias because they represent a threat to international peace and security, particularly those of the neighboring countries, and because of what these sentences represent of infringement on human life, freedom and dignity.

As we stand here we aim to advance our request to the European Parliament through its representatives of the Maltese friendly people to condemn these verdicts, reject them and work actively to take deterrent measures against the illegitimate power in Tripoli by considering it an authority beyond the law that must be punished.

بيان الوقفة الاحتجاجية لليبيين المقيمين في مالطا يوم الاثنين الموافق03/08/2015