Torture and Mistreatment of Saadi Gaddafi in Tripoli

(Original video)

Alternate Copy – Filmed at Al Hadba prison.

Editorial Comment:

Is there a correlation between the file date (August 2, 2015) and the actual images of events contained inside the folder?

Who owns the email account:

How did Clear News obtain this file?

This is what I could find based on the email address:

Address: P.O. Box 69884

Address2: Riyadh 11557

Address3: City:Riyadh

State/Province: SA

Postal Code:11557

Phone: +966.559999957

A Libyan source stated  that Saudi intelligence have always worked with the LIFG\Al Qaeda \Da’esh in Tripoli and that this video came from a Saudi operative. They question the timing of its release but assured me of its authenticity.

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