Tuareg Leaders Meet Over Humanitarian Crisis in South

By Libya Herald staff.
Tripoli, 15 May 2015

Tuareg leaders have discussed security in the south of the country, at a meeting with Prime Minister Abdullah Al-Thinni and House of Representatives (HoR) member Hadi Al-Sagheer.

Inter-tribal violence between the Tuaregs and Tebu in Obari flared up again last fall. Since the fighting started in the area in early September, business and daily life and local transport have been seriously disrupted.

The fight in the town mirrors the conflict between the government and Libya Dawn. The Tuareg are seen as largely pro-Libya Dawn, while the Tebu are loyal to the HoR. Though the Tuareg did affirm support for the HoR late last October, they have still shown more alliances with Dawn.

For many years Tuareg have complained that they have been neglected by the central government.

“The South has long suffered the ravages of scarcity and marginalisation,” Tuareg leaders told the Constitutional Drafting Assembly in a meeting in March.

Meanwhile, the roads to Ghat and far southwest remain closed because of the fighting in Obari. Tuareg, along with other residents in the south find themselves facing a humanitarian crisis.

“It is estimated of some 11,000 refugees have left Obari since the clashes, they are living in nearby towns in a dire and inhumane conditions” Tuareg journalist Mustafa Orghn told the Libya Herald in March.