Mock Trial of Jamahiriya Officials Adjourned to March 8, Saif Gaddafi’s Absence Unexplained

Trial of Former Regime Elements Adjourned Until March 8.
Sunday , 22-02-2015

Tripoli, 22 February 2015(Lana) The Tripoli appeals court has adjourned trial of former regime elements in the case NO 630/2012 until March 8, after looking into the case and requests by the defence and the General prosecution. The judge has decided to fine the defense attorney of the defendant number 26 Abu Bakr Al Tabib the sum of 50 dinars, for absence from session without proper justification, and for the defendants to be reprimanded in custody. The judge also allowed the defense attorney of the 2nd defendant to enclose the audio broadcast record of the meeting with so called Zuheir Adham, to use it in his defense presentation in the next session. As for failure by the first defendant Saif Gaddafi to appear before court, and his absence from last sessions, legal sources attributed that to technical reasons which prevented a video link from Zintan where the defendant is detained, to the main court room in Tripoli. =Lana=

Mock Trial of officials of the Libyan Jamahiriya Adjourned to Feb 22
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