Libyan Resistance to Imperial Tyranny

By Alexandra Valiente
Jamahiriya News Agency
January 28, 2015

The current United Nations-sponsored meetings in Geneva are a travesty.

The Libyan Popular National Movement stated;

“The “internationally recognized” government was elected by a fractional minority of Libyans under a system that denied the majority a voice. The Political Isolation Law remains in force, silencing any person or organization who stands against the February 17th overthrow of the Jamahiriyah.

The Geneva delegation is comprised solely of representatives of the illegitimate parliaments of Tripoli and Tobruk, former members of the NTC and militia leaders. The Tribes and Libyan people, including nearly 3 million exiles, are excluded.”

The LPNM demand a fully inclusive process, representative of all Libyan people, the Tribes, humanitarian and civil society organizations, who can rightfully speak for the victims of war, the political prisoners, the disappeared and the displaced.

“We cannot create a positive political atmosphere in the presence of tens of thousands of detainees held in secret and public prisons outside the authority of the state, the missing and the martyrs and the thousands of families who do not know where their loved ones are. Before dialogue, there is an urgent need to terminate this horrific legacy and secure the release of all detainees. Crimes and continued atrocities must be confronted and there must be justice. To think one can create a unity government on the current foundations is delusional, and forcing the issue, while ignoring more pressing concerns, is only going to exacerbate tensions, not resolve them.”

On January 21, the S.C.W.T. (Social Council of the Tribes of Warfalla), withdrew from the organization of the Supreme Council of Libyan Tribes and Cities. Their actions were a protest against the unfairness of the Geneva talks and an expression of outrage and frustration at the continued lack of acknowledgment and respect for Libya’s Tribes.

Ojaili Salam Abrenne, spokesman for the Supreme Council of Libyan Tribes and Cities, said in an interview with Afrigate News that he fully understands the decision of Bani Walid’s Warfalla Tribe.

Since 2011, Libya has been in a dark tunnel.

Although he supports peaceful change, the Tribes have encountered plots within plots behind the ongoing destruction of their country, a foreign conspiracy unlike any witnessed before. Between NATO bearing down on the people with its full might on the one hand, competing foreign-funded militias and the rise of political Islam on the other, the nation has been embroiled in an endless cycle of savage violence and chaos. There are numerous obstacles to progress.

Abrenne was encouraged by the roadmap presented in the final statement of the Supreme Council of Tribes and Cities in May, 2014. The 15 point plan (See a basic translation of the 15 points below) was realistic and absolutely necessary to move the country forward towards peace, reconciliation, national healing and the establishment of order and the rule of law. As cohesion among the Tribes is vital to the plan’s success, Abrenne hopes for a new beginning with the next Tribal conference to be held soon in Tobruk.

Today the Social Council of the Qadhadhfa tribe declared that they do not recognize any statement or position made in its name, whether at home or abroad.

The United Nations-NATO agenda has always been to destroy the Libyan Tribes and instate a compliant puppet regime, indifferent to the needs of the people, that will facilitate the unobstructed theft of Libya’s resources.

The current rebellion of the Tribes is the best possible response to the foreign mandate. With their refusal to acknowledge any decisions, positions and statements made in the name of the Tribes by either the power brokers in Tripoli, Tobruk, Geneva, Paris, London, New York or Washington, they ensure that the final outcome of the Geneva meetings will have no force, no effect and no legitimacy in Libya.

XV Point Summary
Declaration of the Supreme Council of Libyan Tribes and Cities

Dissolve the illegitimate General National Congress.
Abolish all laws passed by Congress and the government as they were created and implemented under intimidation and threat of armed force.
Abolish all contracts and international agreements issued outside the bounds of legal jurisdiction that impact the economic and political sovereignty of Libya.
Dissolve all militias, the military, security battalions, as all are illegitimate. They must surrender all weapons to the headquarters of the legitimate army and police. An attack on any region or tribe is an attack on all Libyans and will be confronted with the full force of all the Libyan people.
Immediately declare a general amnesty that allows for the return of the displaced both inside the country and abroad. If they do not have Libyan blood on their hands and have not engaged in theft of money or property, they can actively participate in the work of reconciliation.
The immediate release of all detainees and the eradication of all false charges against them.
The return of the legitimate army, police and security agencies to restore order and the rule of law to the country.
Immediately restore full citizenship rights to all Libyans.
Address the root causes of the war.
Provide equal treatment and respect for all those martyred and wounded during the war.
The authority of governance of the country passes to the Supreme Council of Tribes until there is a genuine process of democratic parliamentary and presidential elections and the completion of a constitution.
The army and police must return to their jobs immediately and protect the tribes and Libya’s borders and territorial integrity.
We call upon the United Nations Security Council, the African Union, the Arab League, the Community of Sahel-Sahara States, the Arab Maghreb Union, the European Union, the Islamic Conference and all international bodies and institutions, to bear witness, to stand with us and support this project of National Salvation, lending a helping hand.
Rest assured, the Libyan tribes will safeguard individual rights, protect and defend national interests and will not permit any to be subjected to actions contrary to the rules and norms of international law.
The Libyan Tribes unanimously reject all and any meetings, conferences, held under any name, unless they are held within Libyan territory, and the Libyan citizens and tribes are full participants.
The Libyan Tribes invite and welcome all tribes and regions and civil institutions to join this national project and actively participate in it.

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