UNHCR delivers emergency relief supplies to displaced people in Libya

Joint News Release: UNHCR delivers emergency relief supplies to displaced people in Libya

TRIPOLI, Libya, 18 December 2014 –
The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) delivered essential relief items to over 1,500 displaced families in Libya.
The rapidly deteriorating security situation in Libya continues to cause significant displacement and re-displacement, particularly in the western outskirts of Tripoli, in the eastern city of Benghazi and the southern region of Ubari. The renewed fighting is deepening the humanitarian needs of the internally displaced people and host communities. Many displaced families are in need of winterization items to shelter them from the cold weather as they continue to live in public facilities such as schools, parks and abandoned buildings.

“Although the security situation in Libya continues to be volatile, UNHCR has managed to resume distribution of core relief items in the country from our warehouse. We understand assistance is also needed in the east and south, where access is severely restricted. We are exploring how additional humanitarian items can be distributed to the eastern cities,” said Saado Quol, UNHCR’s Chief of Mission in Libya.

The relief items will be distributed by UNHCR’s partner agency, International Medical Corps, to 1,035 Tawerghan families who live in four camps for the displaced in the Tripoli area, and to 505 displaced families from the town of Kikla who have taken refuge in the towns of Tarhouna and Gheryan. The items include 2,000 sleeping mats, 1,460 mattresses, 1,590 plastic sheets, 1,485 kitchen sets, 1,620 school bags and 1,810 jerry cans.

“Despite the current security and operational difficulties in the country the Humanitarian Country Team continue to respond to needs and to do its utmost under the circumstances to alleviate the suffering of those affected by the armed confrontations. In this regards, I commend UNHCR’s outstanding efforts in a very difficult environment” said Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, the UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Libya and Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Libya.

Fierce fighting in Libya has displaced an estimated 400,000 people in the country, according to the local crisis committees, and assessing their needs poses huge challenges, particular in Benghazi and Ubari .

This is the third time UNHCR, working together with partners IMC and other national NGOs, has provided humanitarian aid to the people displaced by the fighting. The previous ones, on 18 August and 21 September, reached some 18,700 displaced people in the areas west of Tripoli. Working with local partners to deliver on-the-ground assistance, UNHCR plans to reach 87,000 people in need of protection and assistance in the next six months.


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