Daily Briefings from Occupied Libya


The following briefings compiled and/or written by Jamahiriya News Agency,  cover the week of December 1-7th, 2014.

Imperial powers and the UNSMIL have no legitimate mandate in Libya.
Their only agenda is to maintain sufficient stability to prevent any obstruction of their rape and pillage of Libya’s rich resources and secure terrorist bases operating on Libyan soil from which they wage war against neighboring nations.
They fully intend to maintain “creative chaos” in the country.
Their strategy of tension and terror hampers efforts to successfully overthrow them.
Jamahiriya News Agency

UNSMIL: New Round of Libyan Dialogue on 09 December

02 December 2014 – The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) has been in contact with various stakeholders to seek ways through dialogue to end the political and security crisis in Libya.

There is agreement among the various Libyan actors that the way forward is to hold an inclusive political…

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