Remove Libya’s Exiles and Political Prisoners from Interpol’s Red List!

Alexandra Valiente
Viva Libya !

While we approach the third anniversary of the martyrdom of Mu’ammar and Mu’tasim Al Qaddafi (Safia Qaddafi Calls for Justice), and given that the stated agenda of the Supreme Council of Libyan Tribes is to liberate all political prisoners and have exiles return home, it is imperative that legal proceedings commence immediately to remove the names of the innocent from the Nazi SS Interpol red list.

The Supreme Council of Libyan Tribes fifteen point plan includes the following objectives:

Immediately declare a general amnesty that allows for the return of the displaced both inside the country and abroad. If they do not have Libyan blood on their hands and have not engaged in theft of money or property, they can actively participate in the work of reconciliation.

The immediate release of all detainees and the eradication of all false charges against them.

Immediately restore full citizenship rights to all Libyans.

Rest assured, the Libyan tribes will safeguard individual rights, protect and defend national interests and will not permit any to be subjected to actions contrary to the rules and norms of international law.

Final Statement of the Conference of the Tribes of Libya, May 25, 2014

With the removal of the names from the “red list”,  there will be no basis for the continued detention of political prisoners within Libya or the persecution of refugees outside the country.

Until the names are removed from the red list, there can be no meaningful legal action taken with regards to prosecution of the real war criminals who have committed egregious crimes against humanity, and continue to do so with impunity.

The Interpol notices were issued (Interpol Activity in Libya) at the request of a puppet government that was comprised of foreign intelligence operatives and members of the LIFG,  who imposed their will upon the people of Libya by military force (backed by NATO’s al Qaeda legions) and terror.

The NTC were unelected, had no legitimate authority to issue such requests and the members of the now defunct NTC no longer hold any position in parliament.

Until this process is completed, there can be no meaningful dialogue that is wholly inclusive and representative of all Libyans and national healing will remain as elusive as justice.