A Warning About the Avaaz Petition for Prosecution of Libya’s Grand Mufti

Editorial Comment:

According to the latest red herring published by the Guardian, Ghariani left the UK for Qatar, although his exit is shrouded in ambiguity.

“If he’s gone, it’s of his own free will. It’s quite possible he’s gone because of the increased interest in his activities,” said a Whitehall source.

A former Libyan lawmaker said Ghariani had left the UK: “He flew to Qatar and then, it seems, immediately to Turkey. He will be comfortable in either place.”

If the British government is concerned about Ghariani’s criminal actions and the publication of incitements to violence and murder from within the UK, why have they not taken action to shut down his website?

And how did he manage to exit the country at all, unless under the protection of MI5?

Alexandra Valiente
Editor of Libya 360° | Viva Libya!
August 31, 2014

Avaaz Called for NATO Intervention in Libya – Now Petitions for Prosecution of Grand Mufti

By Alexandra Valiente
Viva Libya!


On August 30, 2014, Avaaz published a campaign demanding that the Grand Mufti Sheikh Sadik Al-Ghariani be prosecuted for war crimes and crimes against humanity at The Hague.

I caution readers to pause before signing, because Avaaz petitions are used as an instrument of war against targeted nations.

Although signatories may have the best intentions, to see justice done, ultimately these campaigns never benefit those seeking restitution. They only result in pain, suffering and further loss of life.

avaaz org 2014-08-30 Click on Image to go to the campaign page

Although the petition target may be listed as Al-Ghariani, it is Libya and the Resistance to NATO occupation that will suffer. Proof of this is in the recent statements issued from the UN Security Council and the UNSMIL.


Please read on to understand how Avaaz serves the agenda of imperialist nations and their military – psy-ops wing, NATO and Stratfor, to manufacture consent for military intervention…

The Avaaz Deception

The Guardian reported on August 29th that the Foreign Office had confirmed that Ghariani was residing in the UK, from where he is encouraging his followers to overthrow the client regime in Libya.

The shadow immigration minister, David Hanson, said: “The home secretary has serious questions to answer about whether someone whom it is alleged has breached a UN war crime resolution is resident in this country, and how the Home Office has decided that his presence here will be beneficial to the UK.”

Hanson said Ghariani’s time in Britain was a further illustration of the Home Office failing to share intelligence with the Foreign Office and MI5.

The Foreign Office blame MI5, assuring British citizens of its complete ignorance of Ghariani’s situation. Their protests are disingenuous.  They know that,

Ghariani is also facing a potential war crimes investigation after the UN security council this week issued a sharply worded resolution demanding a ceasefire and threatening indictments for those inciting the militancy.

CIA-MI5 Signature

The Guardian confirms that,

“Ghariani’s broadcasts are delivered to his supporters through an Arabic-language website set up by a close relative, Sohayl Elgariani, at a rundown block of private flats in Exeter, next to a tanning salon and a short walk from Exeter City’s football stadium St James Park.”

Britain is one of the most aggressive surveillance states in the world with ECHELON located in Menwith Hill and the all pervasive GCHQ monitoring global email, phone and internet communications. Are we to believe that a terrorist cell was operating under their very noses and they were not aware of it?


The website from which the cleric issues his fatwas was established in 2007. It is run from 3 Spinning Path, Blackboy Road, Exeter EX4 6SN.  Although the website is administered from the UK, it is hosted in Provo, Utah, USA.

This information is readily available to any citizen in the world through a simple “WHOIS” query. See the  screen capture below.

Click image to enlarge
Click image to enlarge

The Guardian report continues,

Earlier this week, the radical cleric celebrated the violent capture of Tripoli by Islamist militia force Libya Dawn and called for a widening of the rebellion using an online television channel registered by a close family relative in Exeter.

The day after Tripoli fell to the Islamist group Libya Dawn, Ghariani sent congratulations to the Islamist militants using his internet channel, Tanasuh: “I congratulate the revolutionaries in their victory, I give blessing to the martyrs,” he said.

In a sermon earlier this week, the radical cleric called for a widening of the violent insurrection in Libya, encouraging “revolutionaries” to target Bayda, the home of the government, and Tobruk, where parliament has fled to. “I call on cities like Tobruk and Bayda who did amazing work in the revolution … to join their brother revolutionaries in Libya so that they have one united way”.

Avaaz and the Imperialist Agenda

During the build-up towards war against Libya, I tried to submit several petition campaigns calling for peaceful negotiations and each submission was denied. I contacted Avaaz, demanding to know why they posted a petition asking for a NATO no fly zone, and refused to publish a petition asking for a peaceful solution. They did not reply.

They also hosted a campaign calling for NATO intervention in Syria.

Review this informative collection of research on the Avaaz organization and who is behind it:

Avaaz in Libya – 2011

avaaz org 2011 campaign

Massacre Prevented
Libyan Massacre Prevented with help from one million messages to the Security Council Our messages called for sanctions, asset freezes, and an internationally enforced no-fly zone to protect civilians in Libya. Our voices got through: the UN Ambassador from the US, one of the last hold-outs to back the motion, publicly thanked us for our messages. International action began just as Qaddafi’s tanks encircled the rebel-held city of Benghazi — and is widely credited with preventing a likely massacre of large numbers of civilians.

Avaaz in Syria – 2012

Arab League and Friends of Syria, Save Syrian Lives
Assad’s ruthless massacre of civilians in his attempt to crush the Syrian spring is escalating. But a new international coalition led by Arab League members is meeting this week in Tunisia and is our best hope to stop the bloodshed. To make this moment count, let’s call on them to STOP the violence.

Take action now >

There is a better way forward…



Unless a request to refer Sadik Al-Ghariani to the International Criminal Court is submitted through appropriate legal channels, his hateful incitements, which began well before NATO’s 2011 war,  will continue unhindered.

There must be accountability and justice for all war crimes and crimes against humanity committed against Libyans.  That will never come through petitions from Avaaz.

The first step towards the International Criminal Court is to petition the UN to refer Sadik Al-Ghariani to the ICC and place him on INTERPOL’s red list.

Even in the case of the innocent, where family members have tirelessly appealed to have Abdullah Al Senussi transferred to the ICC to save his life, the court ruled that he must be tried inside Libya where he faces certain execution.

However, it is my view that the highest path to justice is to empower the Supreme Council of Libyan Tribes.  Support their efforts to bring an end to the violence, chaos and atrocities that have plagued the nation since the fall of the Jamahiriya.  Their statement issued on May 25, 2014 (Final Statement of the Conference of the Tribes of Libya, May 25, 2014) and all subsequent actions taken since that declaration, will restore  the rule of law, peace and justice and pave the way for national healing.


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