Saif al Islam Gaddafi and Former Government Officials Deny All Charges

By Jamal Adel

TRIPOLI – The trial of Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi and other Gaddafi-regime officials resumed on Sunday in Tripoli with Saif again appearing in a television link from his jail in Zintan. The changes against them were read out one by one by the Attorney General.

The judge then asked them individually to respond to the charges read against them.

“I refute all the charges. They are all untrue,” Gaddafi’s Tripoli Internal Security Agency head Mansour Dhou said.

Gaddafi’s External Security Agency head, Abu Zaid Omar Dorda, accused the court of mounting a political trial. “These charges are made up purely for political reasons, and I reject them all,” he responded.

All the accused denied the charges read against them.

One of the accused’s lawyer complained that he was not being given time to speak to his client. “I have had only three visits to see my client, but they were not private,” he said. “I request the court to have private session with my client.”

Another lawyer demanded “a copy of the prosecution decisions in order to study the charges”.

There were other demands from lawyers for copies of the recordings of the investigation interviews with the accused. And for proceedings to be postponed until all the charges had been examined.

The presiding judge adjourned  the trial to 22 June. – Libya Herald

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