Trial of Members of Libya’s Legitimate Government Adjourned to May 25

The trial of 37 senior officials of the former legitimate government, including Saif Al-Islam Qaddafi and Abdullah Senussi, was again adjourned when the case reopened this morning at Tripoli Appeal Court. Resetting it to 25 May, the court told the Attorney General’s office to ensure that all the defendants attend the sessions in future, along with their lawyers.

There were 23 defendants in the Tripoli court today,  including Baghdadi Al-Mahmoudi, Abdullah Senussi and Abu Zeid Dorda.

Saif Al-Islam made a television-link appearance from Zintan, as did eight other defendants from Misrata.

In today’s closed session proceedings the court summoned non-appearing defendants and lawyers and called for a medical report for the defendant Nuri Al-Jetlawi.

The judge asked Saif Al-Islam and Abdullah Senussi if they had any requests. Saif replied “Salamtek”, wishing him good health. Senussi however, replied “I want to meet my defence lawyer”.