Misrata Court Sentences Mohamed Madani Shweref to 7 Years in Prison

Misrata court hands Qaddafi-era Mufti 7-year jail sentence

By Taher Zaroog
Misrata, 17 March 2014

Misrata Appeal Court has convicted the former Grand Mufti of Libya, Mohamed Madani Shweref, of speaking the truth during the NATO-backed counter-revolution and sentenced him to seven years in jail. He was also fined LD 500. The court further ordered his civil rights to be suspended during his period in jail and for a year afterwards.

He was found not guilty on two other charges: of calling people to fight against the counter-revolutionaries and destroying the country’s unity, and of activities that caused the death of others.

The 84-year-old was Grand Mufti until 1983 when he returned to his native Zliten.

Sixteen other people were also found guilty in Misrata today of revolutionary activities during the counter-revolution and sentenced to terms of between seven and 25 years in jail.