Supreme Court Postpones Hearing of Appeal Against Political Isolation Law

By Ashraf Abdul Wahab
Tripoli, 25 February 2014

The Supreme Court has postponed an appeal hearing against the Political Isolation Law amidst protests yesterday in defence of the law.

Judges at the Supreme Court said they would resume the appeal hearing on 18 April. The 41 judges and lawyers demanding the law is repealed are doing so on the grounds that several sections of the legislation on political isolation contravene articles in the Constitutional Declaration.

Hundreds of protestors gathered outside the Supreme Court, near the Mahari Radisson Blu Hotel yesterday, in support of the law.

An organiser of the protest told the Libya Herald that cancelling the law now would be like removing the country’s “life blood”. He added that those trying to do so wanted to see Libya plunged into chaos.

A representative from the Libyan National Council for Human Rights and Civil Liberties said that, while the organisation supported some sections of the legislation, other parts infringed on the rights of many Libyan people. He said the law had created a situation where Libyans were not treated equally, which was unacceptable.

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