A Fire at Tawerghan Refugee Camp in Janzour

Alexandra Valiente
Jamahiriya News Agency

A fire broke out at the Tawerghan refugee camp in Janzour today. It was allegedly caused by an electrical short-circuit resulting in considerable damage. Many residents are being treated by the Red Crescent for injuries and smoke inhalation. More than 25 families are presently without shelter as a consequence of this latest disaster.

The community has still not recovered from an electrical fire that ravaged the camp on New Years day, when 18 units were destroyed and at least 12 families lost their home and everything that they owned.

The plight of the Tawergha has gone largely unreported and ignored by the world. They have been permanently barred from returning to their homes.

Please review the information in the links below for an overview of the plight of all black Libyans, including the Tawergha, as the current regime continues its racist pogrom of ethnic cleansing.

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