Tripoli Jail Stormed, Illegally Detained Prisoners Found

By Ashraf Abdul Wahab
Tripoli, 26 September 2013

A number of illegally-detained prisoners, including several women, have been found in a detention facility on the outskirts of Tripoli after it was stormed by security forces.

The jail in Tajoura, known as the Crime Combat Prison, was stormed by Battalion 101, which operates under the Ministry of Defence. Some of the prisoners reportedly had marks on their bodies suggesting that they had been tortured, including evidence of electrical burns.

Those being held in the facility included several people who had reportedly been arrested over personal disputes and had never been brought before a court. Some of the families of the detainees had not even been informed that they were being held.

The battalion took action after local people repeatedly voiced concerns that the prison was being used to detain people who had been kidnapped.