Counter-revolutionaries Sentenced to Death by Tripoli Court

By Ashraf Abdul Wahab

Three former ‘revolutionaries’ were sentenced to be hanged by a Tripoli court today for the murder of a man they had kidnapped, the Prosecutor’s office has disclosed.

The three, named in case No. 9306 as Khaled Fathi Issa Bumashat, Walid Abdul Razak Nejmeddin Al-Harati and Tariq Ali Salem Ben Mahmoud, were found guilty in Tripoli Appeals Court of the murder last year of Ahmed Saleh Juma Fulaifel.

The office told the Libya Herald that the three, members of the Benghazi Martyrs’ Brigade, had seized Fulaifel without authority or instructions, along with his car, at a petrol station in Ain Zara. They then took him to an undisclosed destination where they beat him, “under the pretext of interrogating him” but he died from the beating.

Bumashat and Ben Mahmoud then buried the body and Harati took the car, said the prosecutor’s office, explaining that was their undoing. Harati was arrested “in the south of Tripoli” on 8 January this year in possession of the stolen vehicle which was then linked to the disappearance of Fulaifel. The other two were then arrested. Confessions followed, although the prosecutor’s office said that the three accused each other, and the place where the victim had been buried was disclosed. Dug up and identified, it was said to have shown signs of torture.

The death sentence has to be endorsed by both the Grand Mufti and the government before it can be executed, the prosecutor’s office said.