Libya’s Criminal Regime Denies Allegations it was to Collect Ransom Money for Anoud Senussi

In the following narrative the interim government denies allegations it was to receive a sum of money in exchange for Anoud Senusi’s release. But I would ask readers to recall that this same regime bribed Tunisia to coerce them to illegally extradite Dr. Baghdadi Al Mahmoudi.

In violation of international law, they payed Mauritania a $200 million dollar bribe after the ICC requested Abdullah Senussi’s extradition to the Netherlands.

Again, following a  $2 billion deal with Egypt, Ali Mohamed Marya and Mohamed Ibrahim Mansour were extradited to Tripoli. This same arrangement was supposed to include the extradition of Ahmed-Qaddaf al-Dam, but Egyptian courts have thus far ruled against his transfer to Libya.

I do not accept the current regime’s testimony as fact. They are driven by an insatiable need for revenge. They have ruthlessly violated Libyan law and international law in their quest to have it.

They have subjected Anoud to arbitrary arrest and detention since October, 2012.

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In defiance of the ICC, and in the face of protests from international human rights organizations, they plan to hold mock trials for her father and 29 other members of Libya’s former legitimate government later this month.

Alexandra Valiente
Viva Libya !

الحكومة المؤقتة تنفي الادعاءات بدفعها مبلغ مالي مقابل تسلم “العنود السنوسي”

الحكومة المؤقتة تنفي الادعاءات بدفعها مبلغ مالي مقابل تسلم "العنود السنوسي"

 نفت الحكومة المؤقتة الشائعات والادعاءات بدفعها مبلغ مالي مقابل تسلم ” العنود ” ابنة ” عبد الله السنوسي ” الرئيس السابق لجهاز استخبارات القذافي ، واعتبرتها شائعات لا أساس لها من الصحة .

وأكد ديوان مجلس الوزراء في بيان له أن الحكومة لم تدفع أية أموال لأي شخص أو طرف مقابل تسلم ” العنود ” ، وأن السيد ” هيثم التاجوري ” لم يستلم أية مبالغ مقابل ما قام به من تسهيلات ، وأنه قام بهذا العمل تطوعا بدون مقابل .

ليبيا اليوم