Urgent: Clarifying the Status of Anoud Senussi

UPDATE: Anoud Senussi is in the Process of Liberation…

Alexandra Valiente
Editor of Libya 360°, Viva Libya! & Jamahiriya News Agency

Many readers have contacted me, confused by reports that Anoud had been kidnapped by the militias, followed by reports that the government knew where she was and that she was “abducted” for her protection. I hope that the following summary will clarify events and help people understand her present danger.

Anoud Al Senussi Visits Her Father

Ahoud was kidnapped by militias immediately upon her release from prison. (Urgent: Anoud Al Senussi Kidnapped by State Militias Following Her Release from Prison)

This sparked both panic and outrage. (Libyans Protest the Kidnapping of Anoud Al Senussi; Fears for Anoud Senussi Grow ; Tribesmen Protesting the Abduction of Anoud Senussi Block the Great Man Made River)

Her mother appealed to all Libyans to help ensure her safe return. (Anoud Senussi’s Mother Appeals to Honorable Libyans (ام العنود تناشد كل الليبيين الشرفاء ))

Abdullah Al Senussi’s lawyer held the Libyan authorities responsible for securing Anoud’s safe return to her family. (محامي عبد الله السنوسي يحمل السلطات الليبية مسؤولية تأمين وعودة “العنود”)

Amnesty International stated that, “Anoud’s abduction casts a shadow on the Libyan authorities’ ability to ensure the safety of so many detainees...This latest abduction and the ongoing lawlessness in the country if anything demonstrate the inability of the Libyan authorities to fairly try politically sensitive cases such as Abdullah al-Senussi and Saif al-Islam al-Gaddafi and underscores the need to hand them over to the International Criminal Court.” (Libya: Latest abduction highlights ‘dysfunctional’ justice system )

Asaad Mohsen Zhio, spokesman for the Libyan Popular National Movement, condemned the abduction as criminal. He described in detail the crimes of the regime and the atrocities the militias inflict upon women and girls. He emphasized the all-pervasive climate of terror and lawlessness that plague the nation and the fact that no one is safe under NATO’s present client regime. There is no justice, no functioning legal system, no protection from enforced disappearance and assassination. What happened with Anoud has been happening will all political prisoners and will continue until this regime is overthrown. He criticized human rights organizations for their silence. He emphasized the collusion of the state with the criminal gangs. He called for demonstrations and protests throughout Libya and added that Anoud’s tribe’s response will be formidable should any harm come to her. (Libyan Popular National Movement Statement on the Abduction of Anoud Abdullah Senussi)

Yesterday, Anoud participated in a video interview with her captors to assuage fears regarding her safety. We were told she was “abducted to protect her from abduction”. (العنود السنوسي اختطفت لحمايتها من الاختطاف)

Anoud Senussi during interrogation

Presently Anoud is in the custody of “Libyan Security forces”, the “Tripoli Battalion”, detained against her will in the Tripoli military police prison for ransom.

Until she is free and reunited with her family, she is at immanent risk of irreparable harm.

Libya’s Criminal Regime Denies Allegations it was to Collect Ransom Money for Anoud Senussi