Tribesmen Protesting the Abduction of Anoud Senussi Block the Great Man Made River


Man-Made River “cut” – western Libya could face water shortage

By Seraj Essul and Elabed Elraqubi

The $25 billion Man-Made River under construction, to bring water from desert aquifers to the coast

Tripoli and Sebha, 3 September 2013

Western Libya could face water shortages because part of the Man-Made River from Sebha has been cut by tribesmen protesting the abduction of Anoud Senussi. She was seized by gunmen as she left a Tripoli prison yesterday on her way to Sebha to rejoin her family.

Salah Abu Khazam chairman of Gira local council told the Libya Herald this evening that Margani tribesmen had cut the power to some of the pumps on the western branch of the MMR to the north of Sebha.  Though he said that he had not visited the site, he believed that the power supply had been stopped yesterday, shortly after news of Anoud’s kidnap.

It is…

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