Abuzed Omar Dorda taken to court… Again

Editorial Comment:

Dr Dorda will be tried in September, along with 30 other officials from Libya’s former, legitimate government:

بدء محاكمة 30 مسؤولا في النظام الليبي السابق بينهم سيف الإسلام القذافي في سبتمبر القادم


Today (14/08/2013), Abuzaid Omar Dorda was again taken to court, and again the judge rescheduled due to the lack of evidence for the charges against Mr.Dorda. Mr.Dorda has been taken to court for more than 10 times in the past year and a half and every time he has been taken, the court is adjourned and the sitting rescheduled. Mr.Dorda’s lawyers keep asking the judge why hold a trail if there is no evidence against Mr.Dorda? They say it is illegal and unconstitutional for an innocent man to be taken to court every month or so for no apparent transparent reason and without any evidence against him whatsoever. All the judge had to say was that the prosecutors are “working” on finding evidence. The prosecutors have been trying to “find” evidence for the past year and half and they have not been successful in finding any to date. Mr.Dorda’s lawyers would also like the opportunity to sit down with their client and work out a defense for the court, saying that since the trails began a year and a half ago, they have only been allowed to sit down with him three times.

Mr.Dorda is a highly regarded figure of the former government and is respected by all Libyans. Mr.Dorda was arrested by militia on September 11 2011 in his home in the capitol claiming that he had no reason to leave Libya because he had done nothing wrong stating that time will prove him right. A video soon after his capture went viral, showing Mr.Dorda lecturing the militia that had arrested him on patriotism, saying that they need to watch out for politicians that have more than one nationality trying to infiltrate Libya.

Not too long after his capture, Mr.Dorda was brutally tortured and thrown out of the third floor of the Pasta Factory in the Draybi area of Tripoli leaving him with a broken leg, broken hip bone, fractures in the rib cage, fractures in the lower spinal cord, and internal bleeding. Some militia member who have grown to respect Mr.Dorda in the short time they knew him decided to evade orders from their higher ups and take Mr.Dorda to the Maitiga military hospital where Doctors told VP:L that Mr.Dorda had been a victim of 3 assassination attempts. Mr.Dorda’s food in the hospital had been poisoned twice during his stay there, and once a bullet from a so called “accidental” shooting by one of the guards barely missed Mr.Dorda hitting one of the other guards who was sympathetic to the former politicians treatment in the hands of the militias.

Mr.Dorda went missing from the hospital soon after the alleged “accidental shooting” and stayed missing for 48 hours until he was found to be transported to a former military college turned prison where all the other political prisoners such as Abdelaty El-Obaydi are kept.

Mr.Dorda was one of the first to be taken to court by the Libyan government where there was no evidence or transparent charges set against him. Most Libyans say that it is a joke trying to take this man to court in a country where there is no “power of law”.