Libya’s Stasi “Integrity Commission” Sworn in

Nine members of the new Political Isolation Law Standards’ Commission took the oath in front of the General National Congress today.

The Supreme Judicial Council had in fact put forward eleven names, but two those selected were unable to attend the swearing in, because they were outside Tripoli. They may be sworn as early as tomorrow.

Each of those selected had first themselves to be cleared under the new PIL. Other criteria for the role included a degree in law or Sharia (Islamic) law, being over 35 years old and not being married to a non-Libyan.

The new commission has 11 members, as opposed to 13 for the old Integrity Commission. They are:

1 Hilal Ezzdin Al-Senussi head.

2 Imhamed Issa Sayjook

3 Omar Mustafa Habasi

4 Ali Badi Hassan

5 Al-Taher Hassan Asmio

6 Ahmed Mohamed Abas

7 Abdulhadi Ramadan Abu Shehaiwa

8 Ashour Zayd Salem Mansouri

9 Mousa Yakhlaf Karakr

The two members who have yet to be sworn are

10 Tarek Mahdi Mahjoub

11 Rasheed Abdulsalam Qwaider