Prison Denies Rumors Prisoners Escaped During Tripoli Clashes

Although this propaganda-laden report denies rumors that prisoners escaped during the fighting in Tripoli last week, how can we know without evidence that anything this regime says is true? No lawyers have made any public statements about their clients. Where is the evidence that the prisoners are unharmed? ~ Elsa

Rumours that an armed group tried to smuggle Qaddafi spy chief Abdullah Senussi out of Tripoli’s Hathba jail have been denied by prison staff.

“These reports are totally incorrect and all the prisoners are still in the jail,” head of Hathba Prison media office Musbah Al-Thani told the Libya Herald today. He denied that an armed group had tried to smuggle Senussi from the prison.

Speculation that Senussi and other senior Qaddafi-era officials tried to escape spread across social networks and local TV stations, following the bloody clashes that took place a week ago at Al-Yarmouk Brigade’s camp in the capital’s Salah Idden district.

Al-Thani said that a state of emergency had been declared at the prison in light of the events in the area on Tuesday and Wednesday.

He also stressed that the prison had comprehensive security, and said that prisoners were treated in accordance with laws and regulations. He added that this was proven by reports of unannounced visits from international human rights organisations.