Libya’s Regime of Terror Threatens Mass Trial of Political Prisoners in August

By Alexandra Valiente
Viva Libya !

The NATO proxy  regime have issued a public statement that they intend to bring Saif Al Islam Gaddafi and Abdullah Al Senussi to trial in August, along with other key officials from the former legitimate government, including Dr. Baghdadi Al Mahmoudi, General Mansour Dowe and Dr. Abuzaid Dorda.

The men are accused of defending their country and the Al Fateh Revolution during the 2011 NATO-CIA orchestrated counter-revolution that destroyed the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and resulted in the martyrdom of the Leader of the Revolution, Muammar Al Gaddafi, along with his sons Saif Al Arab, Khamis and Mu’tasim.

The counter-revolution also involved the brutal massacre of over 100,000 Libyan civilians, the destruction of critical infrastructure including the water supply from the Great Man Made River, schools, hospitals, universities, food storage facilities and private homes.

(See NATO |”Rebel” War Crimes)

There are over two million Libyans in exile who live under constant threat of either extradition (See Dr. Moussa Ibrahim: Urgent Appeal for Displaced Libyans in Egypt ; Urgent: List of Libyans Wanted by the GNC on INTERPOL Wanted List) or assassination  by NATO death squads (See Revolutionary Sister, Zohra Al-Buaishi, Assassinated in Cairo).

Those who remain inside the country face daily terror and upheaval as the regime wages a continuous campaign of repression, ethnic, ideological and political cleansing.

(See بيان اللجنة الحقوقية العالمية للدفاع عن الليبيين المهجرين و المضطهدين بالداخل)

Indeed, it is unclear how a trial can take place given the present climate of violence and impunity.  The proxy government controls neither the country nor the militias that presently hold prisoners in locations such as Misratah and Zintan.

Yesterday the Tripoli Court of Appeals concluded a hearing for Abdel Ati Al Obeidi and Mohammed Abu Alqasim Azwai.  Although both men were acquitted, they are to remain in detention pending the planned grand trial in August.

Numerous imperialist propaganda sources hailed yesterdays decision as proof that Libya can conduct “fair trials”, yet it is known that the present regime will never release any former official that served the legitimate government.

It must also be noted that there is a distinction between being “able” to conduct “fair trials” and being “willing” to do so.

The regime are defiant in their disregard of the ICC’s decision pertaining to Libya’s right to hold trials for Saif Al Islam Gaddafi and Abdullah Al Senussi.

There is no evidence that the prisoners’ basic human rights have been or will be respected or that they will not face execution.

Numerous human rights organizations and Doctors Without Borders have documented that prisoners have been tortured, brutally interrogated, denied legal counsel of their choice (in most cases they have never been granted any legal representation) and urgently needed medical treatment.

(See: In Their Own Words: The Official Zintani Position With Regards To Saif Al Islam Gaddafi; Urgent ! Mock Trials Have Begun In Misrata For Sheik Khalid Tantoush, Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim, General Mansour Dowe ; General Mansour Dowe Tortured in Misrata Prison ; Shiek Khaled Tantoush Tortured by Mistratah Militias ; Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim Confined in an Animal Pen ; After Eight Months, Abdullah Al Senussi Still Has No Access to Legal CounselAbdullah Al Senussi’s Son Seeks His Father’s Immediate Transfer to the ICC For Urgent Medical Treatment)

There are over 10,000 political prisoners in Libya. Many are being detained as part of a racist pogrom and campaign of genocide of Libyans with black skin.

(See: The Names Of Over 1000 Political Prisoners In Libya Detained Because They Are Black )

This document from the Cairo Institute of Human Rights (Ongoing Human Rights Situation in Libya) outlines the criminal violations of the current regime which include collective punishment, (See Bani Walid), denial of freedom of religion, expression and assembly, (See Arrests and Torture of Christians Continues in LibyaTorture, Murder and Imprisonment of Christians in Libya ; Islamists Destroy Sufi Shrine. GNC Implicated in Desecrations.) abuse of foreign nationals, refugees and migrants and the torture of prisoners.

This is not a government that is willing to conduct fair trials. This regime will never respect human rights or the rule of law.  Its actions over the past two years are adequate testament to its character and agenda.

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