Bani Walid Under Seige: Black Libyans Risk Losing Place Of Refuge

Editor’s Note:
This video was originally published on 7 Oct 2012 and uploaded by without English subtitles.


This video shows a family from Tawergha, the city populated by black Libyans that was totally destroyed by racist militas from Misrata (thanks to the arms and military support that they were given by NATO and friends) during last year’s NATO bombing campaign, now victim of the shelling of the besieged city of Bani Walid, where they had found refuge from the racist lynch mobs that have taken hold of large parts of the country.

The millions of black Libyans, migrant workers from other African countries and people perceived to support the former Libyan government are under increasing risk every day since the NATO-rebel aggression succeeding in unleashing thousands of different militias across Libya, as a similar aggression on Syria threatens to do there.

Published on 10 Oct 2012 by
Bani Walid Hospital, October 7th 2012. A family from Tawergha who have already been forced out of their city by racist militias from Misrata are injured in the shelling of the besieged city of Bani Walid, where they had found refuge.

Lizzie Phelan

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