Chemical Weapons Are Being Used On Civilians In Bani Walid

Editor’s Note:
See a detailed report on the situation in Bani Walid’s humanitarian crisis including medical reports on symptoms of chemical weapons use here  >> Urgent Request For Humanitarian Assistance In Bani Walid From A Libyan Activist


Alexandra Valiente

Viva Libya !

الحركة الوطنية الشعبية الليبية

المعارك الدائرة على الحدود الشرقية من مدينة بني وليد نتج عنها عدد من الاصابات والجرحى بين صفوف ابناء ورفلة ورُصدت بينهم حالات تشنج وإغماء .. نتيجة استخدام اسلحة محظورة

A doctor who is working at the hospital describes injuries and deaths at the hospital, and also that there are people reporting symptoms of gas inhalation. Bani Walid is on top of a mountain and is the home of the Warfalla tribe. It is currently besieged by other people – no food or medicine is allowed in and no one is allowed to leave.


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