Letter Going To Targets With The Appeal For Saif


The International Criminal Court have issued an order to convene on
October 8th and 9th to hear the arguments of Saif Al Islam Gaddafi’s
defense and that of the Libyan authorities regarding where Saif’s trial
will take place.


As you will read in the appeal below, Saif’s chances of a fair trial have
been irrevocably compromised.

In addition to that fact, should he be tried in Libya, his most valuable
witnesses who would present evidence of his innocence will be unable to
testify due to threats of arrest and imprisonment by the current regime.

Saif Gaddafi’s International Criminal Court defense counsel, Ms. Melinda
Taylor, was prevented from fulfilling her legal duties and forcibly
detained by the Zintan brigade.

The Libyan authorities attempted to blackmail Ms. Taylor and the
International Criminal Court, promising her immediate release upon the
condition that she disclosed the location of a key witness who would
testify on behalf of Saif Gaddafi.

This criminal action reveals the flagrant disregard for the rule of law in
Libya under the current regime.

Denied access to his ICC defense counsel, Saif Gaddafi has no legal
representation or protection.

He has been detained in isolation for over ten months, denied access to
legal counsel, denied contact with family and friends who could arrange
legal counsel on his behalf and denied medical treatment for injuries
sustained from torture during his detention.

As he is under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court and as
it is the duty of the court to ensure his human rights are protected, this
is a travesty.

Please review the enclosed appeal and our demand that Saif Al Islam
Gaddafi be immediately transferred to a safe facility at The Hague and be
tried at the International Criminal Court.

Alexandra Valiente
Editor of
Viva Libya!

Saif Al Islam Qadhafi Petition And Appeal Campaign


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