Trials For Dr. Abuzaid Dorda, Abdul Ati Al-Obeidi And Mohammed Al-Zwai Delayed Pending Decision On Their Legitimacy

Alexandra Valiente
Viva Libya!

Trials for Dr. Abuzaid Dorda, Abdul Ati Al-Obeidi and Mohammed Al-Zwai have been postponed following challenges regarding the validity of court proceedings.

Dr. Dorda’s attorney stated,

“The trial has been suspended until the Supreme Court examines an appeal I have raised that could deem the trial unconstitutional.”

The appeal addresses Article II (Law vii) and the abolition of the People’s Court.

Minister of Justice, Mohammed Al-Alagy, has challenged the legitimacy of all trials presently underway in Libya citing the absence of necessary and essential procedures.

It has been clear to human rights activists and advocates for Libya’s political prisoners that the trials have been nothing more than mock tribunals where false evidence was presented and prisoners executed.  Their crime was either their political – tribal affiliation or the color of their skin.

The decisions made in the past few days are not a victory. The prisoners remain at risk of execution and Libyans loyal to the legitimate government continue to be subjected to arbitrary arrest and detention as part of the ongoing campaign of ethnic and ideological cleansing.

Activists must continue to pressure Libyan officials and human rights organizations, demanding an end to political persecution and the racist pogrom in Libya.

In the cases of Saif Al Islam Gaddafi and Abdullah Al Senussi, we must address the International Criminal Court, demanding that they intervene to ensure fair trials and to protect them from irreparable harm.


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