Rumors Of Saif Al Islam’s Trial Date

Alexandra Valiente
Viva Libya

Urgent Action: Viva Libya Saif Al Islam Gaddafi File And Appeal

According to The Telegraph, Taha Naser Bara, spokesman of the general prosecutor in Libya, declared that Saif Al Islam Gaddafi’s trial will be held in Zintan within the next few weeks. He said he expected that the trial would take up to six months. The decision to hold the trial in Zintan was due to fears that attempts might be made to rescue Saif during his transfer to Tripoli.

This contradicts the previous statements made by the NTC that Saif was to be detained in Zintan while a secure facility was established in the capital.

Libya’s deputy Prime Minister Abushagur stated, “Discussions are ongoing, but no decision has been made. There has been no agreement to hold the trial in Zintan, and there has been no agreement to hold the trial next month.”

That same source claimed that ICC spokesman Fadi El-Abdallah was unaware of a final agreement being reached regarding Saif’s trial.

On July 31, 2012, Xavier-Jean Keïta and Melinda Taylor submitted observations where they outlined reasons why the ICC should deny Libya’s request to have Saif tried in Libya. Included in their application were unsigned statements from Saif Gaddafi, where he clearly outlined his hopeless predicament.

On August 7, 2012, without acknowledging the concerns expressed by Saif Gaddafi’s ICC counsel, ICC Prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda accepted Libya’s request for a status conference.

I have not been able to find any ICC documentation that confirms that a final decision has been made or an official response to Xavier-Jean Keïta’s and Melinda Taylor’s challenge to Libya’s right to hold the trial.

What is known is that Saif will have no fair trial in Libya.

Any witnesses who would testify and provide evidence in his defense face threat of imprisonment or death in Libya.

Saif will most certainly be executed.

It is not too late to Demand Saif Al Islam Gaddafi’s Immediate Release.

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