Misrata Supreme Security Committee Responds To UNSMIL Over Deaths From Torture

See >> UN Mission Voices Concern Over Detainee Deaths Resulting From Torture

In response to the concerns raised yesterday in a statement by UNSMIL, the Supreme Security Committee, Misrata branch, assured its adherence and commitment to all the necessary human rights and standards in all areas of health, food, protection of life, and the prevention of torture, beatings or insult.

In a statement on the conditions of prisoners under its control, including the three prisoners that died under its authority, the Supreme Security Committee, Misrata branch, announced that the investigations regarding this were still ongoing.

It stated that the prosecutor was continuing his investigations and that until the results of the investigation were available it was not possible to attribute the cause of the prisoners’ death to torture or any other cause.

This statement was in response to the May 1st statement released by UNSMIL regarding the three detainees who died on 13 April 2012. UNSMIL believed that the detainees may have died as a result of torture. It also believes that at least seven other cases may have suffered torture at the same facility

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