Authorities Deny Information On Arrest Of Muammar Gaddafi’s Nephew

Tunisian Court Approves Extradition Of Former Libyan Government Official, Milad Abdul Salam

Houda Mzioudet
Tunisia Live

The criminal brigade units of Zarzis and Gorjani, located in southern Tunisia and downtown Tunis respectively, have both denied having any information regarding the arrest of Abdullah Gaddafi, the nephew of late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

News of the arrest of Gaddafi’s nephew in the southeastern port town of Zarzis was published on the website of Tunisian newspaper Attounissia on April 9.

According to Attounissia, Abdullah Gaddafi was captured as the result of a police raid on a house located in downtown Zarzis on April 5. It was reported that Gaddafi was detained with a fake passport and a wireless device in his possession.

Three other Libyan nationals were reportedly arrested during the raid, and were subsequently charged with illegally entering Tunisia.

The Medenine first instance court, the judicial body with jurisdiction over the governorate in which Zarzis is located, has also denied having any information concerning Gaddafi’s arrest.

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